Patrones magazine 354

My inlaws were visiting Spain last month, and I’ve got them so well trained that I don’t even need to ask anymore – they just keep an eye out for Patrones magazine and buy it for me if they see it! They weren’t even phased by the redesigned logo on this one (that’s literally the only change I can see, so that’s kinda odd), and I’m so pleased they grabbed it, because it’s this year’s Coats Special!

If I’m being honest, this Coats Special didn’t grab me quite as much as last year’s, but I did find a lot of interesting details in coats that didn’t otherwise excite me, like the coat from the magazine cover which has an interesting tie/slide closure.

I’m not sure how many parts of Spain warrant a full length, long coat like this, but I know many places in Northern Europe where a coat like this would make wearing dresses bearable in winter!

Out of the way, fur gilet! You’re covering up all the interesting seam lines in the shirt!

My favourite for this entire issue is definitely this asymmetric draped shirt (though the tech drawing is wrong at shoulders when you compare it to the pattern pieces). The hip pleating would require some really precise pattern marking, but I think this would be just stunning in a silk satin for a different Christmas party look…

It’s not really my style, but this quilted, asymmetric waistcoat is a really interesting shape, and one that may grow on me if I revisit it later. I mean, look at those pockets!

It was the interesting tabbed closure on the skirt that first attracted my eye (I mean, it’s not every day you see velcro on a skirt), but the biker jacket/car coat is a really nice shape, too.

I don’t really wear blazers, but oooooooooh the pleated dress!

Arrrrgh! The amazing asymmetric dress is buried under a boring Chanel-esque jacket (yawn yawn yawn)! And unlike Manequim magazine, who show the same garments later in the magazine, if you miss details in a photo here, that’s it – you’re left with the technical drawing.

In the small Plus section this month, there’s a sack dress with a diagonal line drawn through it (errr?) but the raglan coat is nice enough to make me wish it was in smaller sizes.

Fitting with the Coats Special theme, the children’s patterns this month are lots and lots of frilly coats for girls, but this one is pretty gender neutral so it’s of course the one I like best, having never been a girly girl!

So there you have it – the coats may not have been quite as appealing to me as last year’s issue (bought recently in Argentina), but the rest of the magazine had a lot more going for it in my opinion – namely the two pleated dresses and that asymmetric top!

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