Versace vs Burda WOF

Breaking news!

Burda WOF have just posted a full preview of their September 2008 issue (though only for members at the minute), and this dress practically jumped off the screen at me:

Gorgeous, right? Well, the reason it stood out to me is because those central bodice seams are a spitting image of a Versace dress from Fall 2007. I saw the ad with Kate Moss last year and I loved the design so much that I ripped it out and have had it hanging on my sewing room wall ever since:

So let’s have a closer look at those bodice seams, shall we?

I’ve turned up the contrast on the BWOF image above so you can see the seamlines better (the technical drawings aren’t up yet). If anything, I think BWOF 09/08 #114 is an improvement on Versace’s original since the new neckline is much, much more wearable by anyone who isn’t a world-famous supermodel!

So who else is on the lookout for aqua fabric now? Perhaps I need another run to Goldhawk Road

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