Patrones 272 – the Fall fashion holy grail

The new September Patrones that’s on sale now is quite possibly the best they’ve ever created. Almost everything in it is wearable, and made with normal fabrics you can actually buy without having a couturier’s budget and contacts – entire sections full of classic winter coats, tons of CUTE capes and cropped jackets, and a plethora of wool trousers. One whole feature is JUST high waisted skirts and trousers, and another is entirely vintage dresses! Even the maternity section is styled in such a way that every piece can be worn by the breeding and non-breeding alike (showing two photos of every piece).

I’m actually feeling overstimulated and giddy just flipping through it. #264 used to be my favourite issue, but this one has totally trumped it.

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Finding Patrones to buy can be notoriously tricky, but trust me when I say this issue is worth whatever you pay for it, whether it’s in pounds, euros, dollars, or English biscuits (thanks, Cintia!!).

Here’s some of my favourites, though I actually had a really hard time excluding any. I could’ve chosen the entire magazine, I swear…

This is a knit dress so I think the button-down front is just for aesthetics, but I love the sleeve detail. I’m not in love with the buttoning, though, so I’m feeling pretty confident I’ll take the sleeves off and do that on another pattern’s body, Frankenpattern style!

Here’s another knit dress, gathered in the Grecian style and with absolutely lovely gathered, bracelet-length sleeves. The waist section is a different piece, rather than just gathered above and below it, which I also found interesting. I think this style really rests on having the perfect, slinky knit, so I’ll have to keep my eyes out next time I’m on Goldhawk Road.

I’m in love with this boxy little jacket! At first I couldn’t quite figure out why they kept calling it (and another style) “Japanese” but then I realised that this must be what the Spanish call dolman sleeves! I just adore the sleeves and the bust lines and that beautiful back seam! This pattern calls for wool, but the more I think about it, the more I want to make this out of the green sweatshirting in my stash, using a standard zip closure and adding a hoodie. It’s kinda going for the “couture sweatshirt” look I love in this ASOS jacket.

This wool A-line skirt just looks SO wearable! The wide waistbands are always very flattering (especially if you bone the inside so they don’t wrinkle when you sit down!), and the added zipper is both pretty and functional, and it’s even got big deep pockets! This is a look I could wear all winter long with thick tights…

This is my favourite dress from the vintage dresses feature – I’m such a sucker for the airline stewardess look… I love that in this dress the back view is the interesting side, and the front is only anything special with the sewn, raised central detail (it’s not a separate piece, but rather topstitched).

And finally, here are two trousers from the high waisted feature (with both skirts and trews!). These call for stretch wool suiting, which I just happened to impulse buy off eBay last week. I really like both of these and I’m torn which one to make – the Spagnoli trousers have that front leg seaming that works so well on me, but the Jucca ones look to have more usable pockets and a more conventional waist styling…

This issue has just got me so excited for Fall sewing that I’m finding it almost hard to focus because there are too many things I want to sew NOW!. I mean, just this Saturday I sewed up the better portion of the wool and satin three piece suit in my hive of activity. I’ve got just finishing hand sewing left on that and already I’m got a mental pattern battle over what to start next!!

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