Reprinted Burda patterns

I’m a huge fan of Burda World of Fashion magazine (BWOF) (elsewhere in the world known as Burdamode), but because the patterns are only available for one month only, sometimes it’s frustrating to miss a really good pattern when you seen it sewn up months later. I’m guilty of that myself, but Burda thankfully choose a few patterns each year from all the hundreds (if not thousands?) published in the magazine to reprint and repackage as Burda envelope patterns.

Burda envelope patterns have the same drafted patterns as appeared in the magazine, but they include seam allowances and have much better sewing instructions, with helpful diagrams and tips. The good thing is, these stick around for much, much longer than just one month, and are sometimes easier for people to buy in stores than the magazines.

So in the interests of friendly copycats inspiration I thought I’d fill you in on some of the garments myself and others have made from BWOF that are now more widely available in case you missed that magazine issue…

My tweed kick skirt is now Burda 7895

My tuxedo inspired suit is now Burda 7762

My brown bamboo wrap dress is now Burda 7953

My Glastonbury meets IKEA shower curtain dress is now Burda 7829

My TNT red velour or black fleece pullover is now Burda 7890

My waffle knit guitar top is now Burda 7892

Karen’s dress is now Burda 7759

Laura‘s and Trena‘s jumper dresses are now Burda 7761

Christina’s top is now Burda 7758

Cidell’s pyjamas are now Burda 7765

There’s even more interaction between the Burda family, because sometimes Burda envelope patterns also get republished on Burda Style in addition to the ones that are made just for the site!

Anyone find any other Burda World of Fashion patterns that they’ve made that are now in envelope form? My eyes were going buggy going through the catalogue trying to seek out familiar designs!

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