Return to Goldhawk Road!

On Saturday I once again ventured to the ever-brilliant Goldhawk Road here in London. This time I was lucky enough to have Anwen and Isabelle as my partners in fabric fondling, glitter disgust, and pattern and supplier informing. It’s so much more fun to go fabric shopping with fellow sewists, especially if they possess a daughter as patient as Anwen’s and a resolve as steadfast as Isabelle’s (I cannot believe she only bought the two fabrics she came looking for!!).

But really, I wasn’t so bad myself. I’ve only got two lengths of fabric leftover from the previous trip: red corduroy which will still become trousers at some point, and dark heathered grey jersey, which is being made into a pyjamas set as we speak! So clearly my stash needed replenishing and my mood needed lifting so I was mostly looking for quality I couldn’t easily get elsewhere…

From top to bottom, I bought:

  • Dark turquoise silk charmeuse, 1.5m @ £6.99/m
  • Pewter silk charmeuse, 1m @ £6.99/m
  • Teal lycra jersey, 2m @ £4/m
  • Cream wool jersey, 1.5m @ £10/m
  • Mustard yellow leather (which I’ve been coveting for a new handbag since the last trip!), two skins, one £15 and the other £17
  • Stretch denim, 2m @ £3/m
  • Dusty rose wool sweater knit, 2.5m + 1m @ £6/m (I wanted 3m but it was the end of the roll so I got a discount since it’s split)
  • Khaki stretch twill, 2.5m @ £3/m
  • Turquoise mohair sweater knit, 1.5m @ £8/m

In all, I spent about £100 (thanks to mad money from my Dad!), which, considering the amount of high end garments and entertainment I’ll get from this, is significantly more than I’d have got from the same money if I’d turned left out of Shepherd’s Bush tube and gone to Westfield (new luxury shopping mall) instead.

I want to start keeping a record of my stash online, so I’ve begun by taking detail photos of all of the above fabrics, plus how much I spent and the yardage bought. I’d like to add in some of what’s already in my stash, deleting as I use them, but let’s see how I get on! If you’d like to see it, my fabrics are in a public Picasaweb gallery (though for copyright purposes, my extensive pattern gallery is private!!).

And for maps and better store descriptions of my favourite fabric shops on Goldhawk Road, head over to my earlier post.

Oh, and I discovered a limitation of my faux fur coat – on rainy days like today, it occupies the same “no way am I ruining that outside!” space as my suede gloves…

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