One for the Brits

Apologies to any readers outside our little isle (ok, ok I’m know I’m an immigrant, but my naturalisation paperwork is currently sat on a desk somewhere at the Home Office so I think that’s close enough), but this post is really only for those of us in the UK…

First – did you know The Observer are giving away a free dress pattern designed by Alice Temperley to the first 500 people who send in an SAE jiffy bag? Really, I’m so excited about this, I could barely hold off writing about it until I posted my own off. I don’t want all of you ahead of me in the queue, after all!

It’s difficult to see the details of the dress in the photo used in the linked article, though, so I went digging through’s runway archive and found this “mini Dana” dress in Temperley London’s Spring 2009 collection:

I really love the top half (though it looks pretty similar to a dress in the Dec 2008 BWOF if you can’t get your hands on the Temperley pattern), but wowza that skirt is short! The kind of short you really only see on catwalk models, really, so I’ll be lengthening that when mine arrives…

The rest of the Observer section has some step-by-step sewing tutorials by Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood, and Martin Margiela, as well as a jewellery how-to by Jade Jagger. I’m really pleased to see a high-profile DIY fashion campaign in a major newspaper here, even if most of the above are geared towards absolute beginners and not really that interesting to me…

The other UK-centric (okay, probably more London-centric, I admit) nugget of info I’ve got is that the same promoters who organised my catwalk show are holding another “emerging designer fashion showcase” on 6 March 2009. The one I participated in was great fun, so if you fancy a bit of pre-Fashion Week glamour you should check out the event’s press release here.

Here’s a shot from my show back in October 2007, for a bit of memory lane (since I know I’ve picked up a lot of readers since then!).

(More info on that back in its original post!)

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