August 2006 – the best Burda issue ever

I’ve heard quite a bit of talk from other sewers that the February 2009 issue of Burda WOF magazine is the best one yet. I really don’t know what’s wrong with me (ha!), but I’m just not that into it. I mean, there are a few basics I like, but nothing that’s really screaming make me now!

For me, the best issue of Burda will always be August 2006. Let’s start with the evidence, in chronological order…

The first garment I made from this issue was BWOF 08/2006 #101:

Velvet jacket

Then came BWOF 08/06 #109, which ended up being my favourite and go-to trouser pattern, the one I make again and again when I just need a good, comfortable pair of trousers that look good.

So far I’ve made them as stretch jeans, red corduroys, Thames jeans, and green corduroys (and I’ve got plans for more – I’m by no means done with this pattern yet!).

Then I was finally able to go back and sew some of the “Brit Chic” patterns, starting with BWOF 08/2006 #103 last summer.

Tweed kick skirt

But it didn’t stop there – BWOF 08/2006 #104 came to life as a pyjama top for me, but this glorified teeshirt is so versatile I can easily imagine making it again.

pink waffle knit top

And finally, it’s back to the “Brit Chic” feature as I frantically try to make BWOF 08/2006 #113 before my UK citizenship ceremony on Tuesday.

Coming soon in turquoise mohair sweater knit! I only had a week’s notice on this and I’ve had to finish a few other projects on top of a bunch of social plans this weekend, so it’s still uncertain whether I’ll be able to complete it in time for my oath! Fingers crossed!

Update: The completed sweater is here!

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