Patterns from a suitcase

My mom arrived on Friday morning, bearing a ridiculous amount of American cookies, candies, chocolates, cakes, and kitty treats, but also a few patterns that were on my wish list!

Vogue 1109 is a Sandra Betzina pattern for a knit top/tunic with really interesting seam lines. It kinda feels expected for all sewers to love SB without question, but to be honest, I don’t find her “all that” and this is the first pattern of hers I’ve even remotely liked (though not in either of those fabric choices, ugh) so I wanted to give it a try.

Simplicity 2647 is a knit dress with varying lengths and bodice treatments, but I really liked the short version with the wrapped side even though it’s quite similar to a Vogue pattern I already have.

Simplicity 2580 is another draped knit dress pattern, but this time I’m really looking forward to sewing the cowl neck view, either as a dress or shortened to a top. I adore cowl necks and I think this looks like a great pattern, albeit with some alterations (the cowl is self lined yet they still want you to use facings? On a knit. uhhhhh no.).

Vogue 8576 is a Divine Details sheath dress with incredible seam lines that actually doesn’t look too complicated to make after giving the instructions the once-over. I swear I saw a girl wearing at Denmark Hill station last week, in the exact same colour even!

And finally, Simplicity 9686 is a mid-90s OOP pattern for shorts (meh.) and skorts (yay!) that came highly recommended on Pattern Review recently, so for the grand price of a dollar I thought it was worth trying.

And the last item in the photo there is some black flowered denim I bought in junior high that I very distinctly remember making into a tote bag to carry all my school books (quite possibly my first and only real sewing project before the current era)! I had no idea it even still existed but she found it lurking in my old bedroom!

I also popped in at the big WH Smiths in Victoria Station on Saturday night on our way to see Wicked (squeal!) and grabbed the newest Sew Hip and (despite having a subscription) the June BWOF. Having my mom around suddenly became a really good excuse to buy Burda a fortnight earlier than my subscription copy is likely to arrive (she’ll get the later copy, you see)! I was really disappointed in the first issue of Sew Hip, but I’ve heard it’s getting better and a bit more dressmaker focused so I thought I’d give it another try. And the front cover pun of “Sew your own veg!” just made me smile.

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY so more on that tomorrow or Wednesday if I can get my 3G connection working properly on the inside… Delayed again with less than 24hrs notice. I have no energy left to talk about this and I wish I’d never mentioned it to begin with.

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