That was fast!

I’ll make this short because I really try to keep non-sewing posts to a minimum, but… I’m home! It was really short notice – I thought it’d more more like Friday but on Monday the doctor said “get ready to go tomorrow” so I frantically pulled down all my decorations and packed up my stuff, only to have it all eclipsed by the two ENORMOUS bags of medicines I have to take now (good thing they lay it all out in a nice grid or I’d be totally lost!). The only problem is, since James & mom were counting on 4-6 weeks to get everything done, and I came home in exactly 3 weeks, hardly anything was ready for me! So there’s some intense boat disinfecting going on today, and tomorrow the old (and frankly, disgusting) saloon carpet is being ripped out and new stuff installed, so I’m confined to my bedroom with the air purifier on high for a few days.

Don’t worry if you sent cards to the hospital recently – I’m going in twice a week for outpatients so I can pick up anything still in transit when I’m there. But anything further please email me (or leave a comment) for the boat address instead.

I’ll continue to open up the boredom busters until they run out, because I have a feeling I’ll be needing them just as much over the next 6 months of “house arrest” as I did in hospital itself. So apart from showing you all some of the great stuff I’ve opened recently (I’m as behind on posting as I am on emails!), I’m going to do a bunch of scanning of Manequim magazine and a new batch of KnipModes, plus showing off my rearranged sewing room with all the new IKEA furniture and bigger desk. Though it occurred to me last night that I could easily have fit 4 of my sewing room into my hospital room, ha!

But of course, all this good news had to have some bad – I may have come home yesterday, but my hair also started falling out yesterday, too. Apparently some people’s just takes longer than others. So when it’s gone, I’ll share with you the pattern for the easy knit chemo cap I devised a few months ago, though I was kinda hoping against hope I wouldn’t have to…

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