Patrones 285

Oh I’ve got such a week for all of you dear readers! I’ve ended up with a bit of a backlog of completed projects, so I’ll be able to show you something new every single day this week!

But first, I’ve got the new issue of Patrones to show off (#285), since Kim Hood ended up with an extra and very very kindly posted it to me (god knows how it made it through the Royal Mail picket lines so fast!).

Here’s all the styles at a glance. It’s a Joven (Youth) issue, so the sizes are slightly different and there’s fewer patterns than in an Extra issue, but the selection is gooood this time around!

The very first pattern is this awesome wool jersey top with covered button collar. Kim’s making this one, too, and I was rather naughty and just bought some olive green wool jersey from Ditto Fabrics (I visited them in Brighton over the summer if you remember) for this!

I actually love everything in this grey feature, including this assymetrical zippered jacket:

I also really like the easy styling of this silk blouse (though what does “estampado” mean, Spanish speakers?), and there’s a very similar dress pattern in this feature, too.

Ok, wtf is going on with these psuedo-Elizabethan shorts?

And there’s a huge selection of catwalk-inspired coats in this issue!! IMHO, no one does coats better than Patrones! I utterly adore the fit of my duffle coat I made this Spring, and it’s getting loads of wear in the chilly weather recently, too. I certainly see one of these in my future!

After my somewhat damning review of the last issue I received, I’m pleased to report there are two big improvements in this Patrones!

  1. The instructions and tech drawings are back where they belong, in the back of the magazine, instead of being printed all folded up in the pattern sheets. Hooray! Once again it’s easy to glance back and forth between the fashion photos and the pattern pieces.
  2. While the regular patterns are still named “blue coat” and “grey blouse”, the Plus section has the designer names again!! So here’s hoping there’s a full return of the designers soon…

Coming up later this week… a leftover top from August! the weekend bag! that tweed skirt! a new knit top! and quite probably (considering my current rate of progress) that chiffon tartan overblouse!

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