Patrones 292

Now, I know I said in the last Patrones post that it’d probably be my last for a few months since the Spanish summer styles really don’t suit English summers, but then I got a big ol’ offer I couldn’t refuse from tg33, who was holidaying in Spain and offered to pick one up for me!! Hooray! So thanks to her, you all get to see some gorgeous spring fashions!

This is Patrones issue #292, their “Spring Special”. It’s not quite as big as their “Extra” editions, but there’s still a surprising amount of very wearable clothes in here for a time of year I usually write off. I may have to reconsider my earlier Patrones-buying schedule…

Now I’m a bit safari-ed out of late, but Neighbour Helen was over (dropping off some pomegranate molasses, no less!) and she just squealed when she saw this safari dress:

The denim feature had its Ups… like this trenchcoat! And awesome pencil skirt (though on closer inspection, it disappointingly has side seams, rather than wrapping around into the pockets, boo)! And ruffled blouse! And stretch jeans!!

…and its Downs. What the fug is this skirt? And the jodhpurs?? Clearly these were so bad they couldn’t even bring themselves to show the full garment in the photo (though the sleeveless jacket isn’t half bad)!

While it may seem like a simple thing, I’m really giddily happy to now own a bias-cut satin cowl top pattern. Seriously – with a small bit of silk satin, two french seams, three bias-bound openings and a hem, you’re done! and a top like this just goes with everything, from jeans to a smart office suit.

I really liked these two trench coats, though I’d definitely change those patch pockets into something angled I can jam my hands into! I’ve got such a serious thirst to sew a trench coat right now…

And in the otherwise “easy to sew” Plus section, how cool is this biker jacket?? That it’s made from a knit is even better – you could make it in a grey marl interlock!

Alas, there’s no maternity this time around, but it is only one of the smaller issues, so no biggie… and the June Burda has stepped up their game with a massive maternity section so there’s no problem for the mammas-to-be-right now anyway.

This issue of Patrones is on Spanish newsstands right now, so it should start appearing in the usual online places in a few weeks. And as for me, I’m so antsy to sew something for myself while spending so much time on the bridesmaids dresses that I had a big tracing session earlier this week and the jeanskirt and cowl top in this issue are all ready to go!

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