The moorings’ first Crafternoon was a smashing success! We normally have a monthly craft night amongst the neighbours, rotating around to different boats so no one person always has to host. Since our usual craft night falls on a Bank Holiday Monday in May (and again in August), we decided to move it to the afternoon and outside to the Arts Ark (which is like our little floating, communal village green).

Rather than everyone coming at once, it was more of a drop-in thing, with different waves of crafters coming throughout the afternoon… Clare from Selvedge Magazine and her flatmate helped out with the organza wedding flowers, as did Susannah from Cargo Cult Craft! I was a bit crap with taking photos, though, so I missed the bulk of the crafters, sorry!

James raised the bar for “boy craft” and built a step!

(it’s actually not wonky at all – the deck it’s slotting into is tilted so when it’s in place the step is level)

And here’s some more shots of some of us making those organza flowers for the wedding:

We ended up filling a big bag full of the finished flowers, and I’ve still got loads more supplies, so I think we’ll keep pushing on and see how many we end up with. I’m going camping in a fortnight so it may turn out to be a good “no electricity” activity. But even I’m not crazy enough to try and melt the edges over a bonfire!

Oh! And Susannah somehow got her hands on TWO recent issues of Manequim magazine! OMG! I actually did a little happy dance when I saw them! She’s also way nicer than I am – she actually let me borrow them so I could trace off a few lovelies, so I’ll let you sneak a peek, too.

Also coming up this week – the results of four very productive days last week and a nice, long photoshoot at the weekend! A tailored skirt! A knit top! And self-drafted leggings!

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