Comfort stashing

I’ve had a bit of a bad day today, so instead of stuffing my face, I went and did a bit of online comfort fabric shopping.

(Full fabric stash viewable here, with new stuff at the bottom)

I’m definitely most excited about the mustard + navy combo right now. I saw two different people on the street wearing mustard tops and navy bottoms within the space of about 15 minutes yesterday, and both times I did a double-take at how great it looked (one was a casually-dressed Shoreditch man and the other was a smart City lady). So I’m definitely making a top out of the goldenrod cotton rib knit and pairing it with a pair of slim-cut stretch navy twill trousers (Patrones 290 has some amazing slim trouser patterns in it but more on that in a bit!).

I like to think I was quite sensible with my choices, buying things that a) I can’t easily buy here, like the quality stretch wovens, b) I’ve got mental plans for already, and c) will work for Fall and Winter, which is when I’ll be seeing what I’ve just bought. And I’ve kinda noticed that I don’t wear loud prints anywhere near as much as the solids in my wardrobe, so I’m trying to keep those to a minimum (both prints in this order are for gifts!).

Because I’m anticipating filling my own suitcase with NYC fabrics while we’re over in America, my mom volunteered her and my dad’s suitcases to haul over any online fabric orders I place between now and the wedding.

So this was my haul from anyway, and I also anticipate getting some more bamboo lycra from Wazoodle and maybe some other goodies from some other US fabric stores before the summer’s over.

Care to tell me about your favourite US-based online fabric shops, or ones to stay away from? The only caveat is that they need to accept non-US credit cards, which have caused me problems at a couple US shops in the past…

And I’ve still got time to sew through some of my own stash to make room before this arrives!

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