La Mia Boutique July 2010

No, you didn’t miss it – the June issue never arrived and is presumed missing in the post by now (so Magazine Cafe extended my subscription by a month to compensate). But that’s okay because June didn’t look that great in the online preview, and July is a fantastic issue!

I utterly love this bolero – mostly for its sleeves! You can see more easily in the layout diagram, but there’s a strip of fabric down the centre of the sleeve, with gathering on either side. I’d so take these sleeves and try them out on a shirt or other style of jacket, too.

This is actually a dress that just looks like a skirt and top – it’d be great for short lengths of stash fabrics with a nice belt…

Just when you thought my birthday dress might’ve been a beautiful fluke, LMB come out with another AWESOME draped knit dress, omg! I’m so excited to sew this!

Here’s another view of the the dress from the cover, which I think looks much better with the softer shape of the jersey than the harsh pleats in the tech drawing.

I rather like the ruffles on this blouse, it reminds me of the Manequim April 2010 cover dress and a top I know I’ve seen in KnipMode with similar ruffles but I can’t quite find right now…

UGH. Jeans FAIL! They seem to have concentrated all of the Ugly in this issue to this one pair of jeans, sparing all the other designs.

I think this tunic is deeply unflattering on the model, though the tech drawing looks very wearable (and what’s with the “low budget p0rn” lighting on this shoot?)

Isn’t this knit dress cute? It kinda reminds me of Tilly’s bow belt.

From a bigger-than-usual Plus section, four fabulous knit dresses! Seriously, I’d wear any of these in a heartbeat!

And thank you all SO much for your help with the wedding gown neckline. I’ve come up with a great solution that uses a big curve on one side and a small one on the other and I’ll be making up my second muslin during my day off tomorrow… Just you wait, it’s perfect!

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