KnipMode September 2010

Still no August Burda or La Mia Boutique in my postbox (though I just found out my 6 month resubscription to Burda, made in a moment of weakness, won’t start until September now, argh.*), but KnipMode’s September issue arrived already, just like clockwork!

The first, colour-blocking feature has a bunch of great patterns in it, though I’m not quite sure about the styilng…

Case in point: fantastic coat! But purple Uggs? Really?

This knit dress appears no less than six times in this issue, but I thought you could see the lines best in this version. Though I think if I make this, I’d add a gathered waistband to the back, too, to make it all even.

I don’t care if this makes me an Eighties trendwhore, I love the ruched, leg o’ mutton sleeves on this teeshirt!

I hate the word “jeggings” with a firey passion so I’m going to pretend instead that these are slim, stretch jeans that you can only wear with tunics or other long shirts to cover up the elastic waist (I’d so alter these to have a slim side zip instead!).

LOVE! The tech drawing makes it look like any ordinary blazer, but I just adore that green colour so much! (Fun Fact: when I first moved to London, I painted my bedroom that exact shade and wished I could take the walls with me when I moved house!)

Leather is a big trend for this Fall, with quite a few good patterns emerging. This leather jacket would be a PITA to make with all those topstitched seams, but it would be SO worth it! There’s also a version of this jacket made up in denim, but I prefer the look of leather on it myself…

And lastly, another view of those slim, stretch jeans, this time paired with a really comfy, oversized sweater. Sweater knits are such instant gratification, I’ve got to keep my eyes open for some good ones in NYC!

And can you believe that this sweater is the same base pattern as the grey tee with the ruched sleeves?? Well done, Knip!

Meanwhile, in wedding land… I finished fell-stitching the lining to the exterior bodice all around the neckline and armholes, and then I went round and prickstitched the lining about 5mm from the edge to keep it from poking out at all (achieving the same effect as understitching, but taking a whole lot longer!). I managed to finish prickstitching the entire neckline, so only the armholes remain.

* Anyone have a good UK source for individual Burda issues that isn’t £10 a pop? Thank you, commenters! You found me a place within walking distance of my office that sells it for £4.75!

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