Lavender confetti bags

We decided fairly early on that for our wedding confetti we were going to throw lavender buds instead of the traditional rice, birdseed, or tissue paper varieties (many of which are banned at venues these days anyway as they don’t break down readily enough). But I wasn’t quite sure how we’d portion these out to our guests until I saw this tutorial and free pdf label and got inspired to do something similar.

I ordered a ton of small glassine bags from this UK shop and we were planning on designing our own labels along the lines of the ones in the Mint Design link, but our laser printer decided to choose this point to run out of ink (after three years on the same cartridges, it’s still excellent value!) so we required a change of plans.

Stashed away in a drawer, I had a bag full of reproduction garden ephemera that my mom had bought be and thought I’d like, and I saw these old Amateur Gardening magazines, Woolworths flyers, bills of sale, and gardening catalogues as a perfect accompaniment to our vintage-inspired modern wedding. The reproductions vary in age from the 1910s to 1950s, and I just LOVE the way they look all mixed up!

These were our latest Crafternoon activity – five of us stripped two enormous bags of donated wild lavender down to the buds, then filled the bags with a few teaspoons of lavender buds, and folded over the top edge twice. I then folded a vintage square over the top and zigzagged across the top edge to keep it all together! Make sure you use an old needle and keep it marked for paper use, because the paper will dull it far too much to be used on fabric after this!

The bridesmaids will hand these out to the guests to throw at us while we leave the Mansion after the ceremony. We’ll smell wonderful, but may be picking lavender out of our hair all day!

Update: Gez came for her bridesmaid dress fitting last night and phew! all is well with hers, too! And thank you for all your votes on the fascinator feathers! Unfortunately the votes are pretty much even (when I combine comments here plus a few other people I asked) so I’m not any closer to a decision! I think I’ll leave it til next week as it’s only a five minute job to finish up either way.

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