La Mia Boutique Oct 2010

This is going to be old news to fellow subscribers since this issue arrived while I was on honeymoon a few weeks ago, but I hope it’s helpful for those of you who use these posts to determine whether to buy the issues on eBay or not!

This issue of La Mia Boutique was really focused on jackets and light coats, so the cover image was pretty representative!

I think this coat was my favourite of the whole issue – I absolutely love that collar! I think the button placement is really “off” on this, though (that bottom set just looks far too low down), but I never pay attention to button markings on patterns anyway, so that’d be trivial to change.

I don’t normally go for tunic length OR billowy shapes, but I really like that this is made in a linen-y fabric, and the back technical drawing absolutely intrigues me. This is where I really wish I could speak Italian to figure out what’s being done on that back yoke. Without a back view photo, it’s difficult to tell exactly what’s there – contrast fabric? Lace? Pleating? Embroidery?

It’s getting cooler outside these days, and my warehouse office is decidedly chilly during the day (at least we got central heating a couple years ago!), so long sleeved tops are really starting to appeal again. I think the styling of this shot is just awful, but I think the gathered shoulder seam is a really nice detail to jazz up a casual, knit tee.

Here’s another really nice light coat – I like the collar better the way it’s shown in the tech drawing, but I appreciate that they’ve styled it differently in the photo so you can see it works either down around the shoulders, or buttoned up tight to the neck.

There were some nice basics in this punky-grungey-rock shoot. This vest is actually quite basic when you take away the chains, but this is a RTW detail that I actually rather like. You know I’m not one for embellishments, but this looks great (and a recent SewStylish magazine showed how to attach chains using covered snaps so you can remove them for washing!).

And finally, it just wouldn’t be a La Mia Boutique without turning the page at least once and screaming in utter horror. Aww, you so crazy, LMB!

Seriously. WTF. The illustration is bad enough, but… bloomers??

Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather the crazy is contained in the kid’s section (or the knitting feature like last month) rather than in the main pattern section, but I’m starting to think Italian fashion and I overlap less often than say, German fashion, Dutch fashion, Spanish fashion, or Brazilian fashion. If you know what I mean…

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