La Mia Boutique November 2010

With KnipMode pulling out all the stops for their fantastic new December issue, would La Mia Boutique rise to the challenge and present an issue full of wonderful, glitzy holiday wear?

Err, sadly, no. But let’s have a look anyway…

This minidress has some interesting pleating going on at the centre front, but it’s a detail I’ve seen countless times in RTW, and one that Burda published patterns for at least two years ago. But it’s still a nice, very wearable look, and hems can always be lengthened.

This knit cowl dress with shoulder yokes would look great in a luxe, drapey fabric like silk jersey…

I quite like the combo of this bolero teamed with a basic-but-flattering sweetheart neckline dress:

But in my opinion the best regular-sized patterns in this issue are these two skirt suits (the third trouser suit was hideous, though). I just love the details on both of the skirts in particular, and they’d look fantastic in contrasting tweeds as suggested in the illustrations.

It wouldn’t be LMB without one total, WTF fugfest, now would it? So for this issue, this horrific ruffle explosion sausage casing dress has ticked that particular box.

An Umbrella + gilet + tutu + wellies. Why yes, of course. Whyever not.

But really, LMB, why do you have to keep giving the Plus sized ladies all the best, most wearable, and flattering patterns? This bolero and knit cowl top are the best outfit in the entire magazine (and that top reminds me of my Prada sequin one)

You may have noticed from my tone that I’m getting a bit dispirited with La Mia Boutique, and you’d be right. In my opinion, they only seem to have one or two standout issues per year, and a large proportion of their patterns are still just way too “out there” for me (and really, I didn’t show you huge swathes of this issue that were just plain weird and totally unwearable). And the ones that are left just seem, well, “okay”. So with this being the last issue in my 6 month subscription, I’ve made the decision to let this lapse and just buy the occasional standout issue on eBay.

So one subscription is ending, but another is starting, because I’ve made the leap and subscribed to Manequim magazine!! In the three I’ve seen, the fashions were just so more me, and despite the limited size range and crazy compact pattern sheets, the patterns were great enough for me to be okay with that! Somewhat besides the point is also that a full year of Manequim with UK delivery costs only slightly more than 6 months of LMB through their UK distributor, so I’m feeling good about my choice. Bring on January, and my first issue!

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