KnipMode December 2010

If you thought November was a great issue, wait til you see what KnipMode have in store for us this month! In my opinion, this is one of their best issues in months, and it’s resulted in me sewing a dress from it before the month has even started! That’s a new record, even for me!

So let’s take a look inside…

Right from the first page, I knew this would be a good issue, as I turned the page and gasped with joy when I saw this asymmetrical cocktail dress for stretch wovens. I absolutely love the three curved bands that come up and over the hip and are released into full pleats at the skirt. These bands also carry on around the back at the waist level, so you don’t get a plain “coffin back”, either.

You’ve already seen this one since I sewed this over the weekend, but I love love love this shawl collar dress!! The skirt pieces meet in the centre front then come up and around the neck and back down again to form the collar. This is so nice in person, too, just you wait til I can get a photoshoot up!

Also from the “perfect black dress” feature is this lovely draped cocktail dress, which would look beautiful made up in a flowing silk satin.

But Knip couldn’t bear to see the ladies turned out so well and have a scruffy man at their side, oh no! So they thoughtfully provided patterns for an entire three piece suit for men! There’s a long sleeved button down shirt, classic trousers, a waistcoat/vest, and a jacket! (and they picked a rather dashing silver fox model, too!)

Knip also must’ve heard my lament over the lack of nice winter pyjamas, because we’ve got an entire feature on them here! There are patterns for a nice, basic pair of drawstring trousers paired with two different tops, plus each top as a nightgown, and a bathrobe/dressing gown, too! My neighbour just gifted me some silk dupioni (I think) bought decades ago in Hong Kong, so I’m going to see if I have enough to make some of these from it.

But KnipMode had a surprise Christmas present for us, because they’ve included a huge poster with every single tech drawing from all the 2010 KnipMode magazines, categorised into type! How cool is this??

I really wish all the pattern magazines would do this – I have my own scans to look through when I’m deciding what to do, but seeing them all by type (all the dresses together, etc) makes me see ones I overlooked in that month’s At-a-glance sheet.

Though on closer inspection, Hilde noticed that Knip haven’t included the patterns from the special supplements, so she’s put together her own smaller sheet with just those. I don’t want Hilde to get in trouble for putting these online, so if you’d like the URL to the file, leave a comment and I’ll email you the link. Thanks, Hilde!

Sigrid and Lillian have also had glowing praise for this issue, so I think Knip are really on to a winner this month! I’m super happy I took out my subscription when I did!

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