KnipMode February 2011

Sigrid gave us all a sneak preview of the February issue a few weeks ago, but now my subscription copy has arrived I can show you my picks!

While this draped cardie isn’t really my style, I’m seeing this draping side hem all over London right now. My sister-in-law was wearing something very similar to this at Christmas actually…

This is kinda creepy. I just got done choosing two pairs of KnipMode trousers in my post-coat patterns selection, and now Knip have gone and mated the two together! Seriously, go have a look at the other two and compare against this!

I quite like this twisted knit dress but it’s giving me deja vu, like I know they’ve published something very similar before…

This is probably my favourite of the issue – a sweatshirt motorcycle jacket (and the jeanskirt isn’t half bad either!)

And since it’s carnival time, there are a bunch of adult and kid costume patterns! Thankfully they’re not as batsh*t insane as Burda’s carnival costumes! I also think it’s quite sweet that the costumes are all for mother-daughter or mother-son pairs, too.

Even though it uses some store-bought clothes, I liked this Toy Story 3 costume set:

How stylin’ is that little boy in this Alice in Wonderland costume set??

All in all, February was not my favourite issue, but if you like jackets you’re in for a treat. Also, seeing as how the last 5-6 issues straight have been AMAZING, one “meh” from me now and then isn’t half bad!!

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