Manequim February 2011

Much to my surprise, the latest issue of Manequim magazine actually arrived a few days before the new KnipMode (more on that next week)! When I subscribed, I assumed the shipping from Brazil to the UK would be quite slow, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. And since the southern hemisphere is moving towards Autumn now, we’re finally getting some garments that can easily work for English spring weather in a few months!

The first feature is a bunch of looks from various cast members of the Brazilian soap opera, Ti-Ti-Ti, (yeah, me neither!) but importantly, this silver cropped biker jacket is utterly fantastic, perfect for spring/summer, and in my size, too!

I’m not a big jumpsuit fan and have yet to be even remotely tempted by one until now. Manequim have certainly ticket my boxes – Cowl neck, check. Drapey jersey, check. My recent forays into braver fashion have encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone a bit more. But this risk does involve an awful lot of fabric…

I was showing this magazine to my mother-in-law at the weekend and she loved this wrap dress with very slimming ties. I love it, too, but I wish I could have that fabric as well as the pattern! This pattern also looks like another great candidate for knocking off Kate Middleton’s engagement dress, too, if you happen to be a Manequim size 48 (roughly equivalent to Burda 46).

The designer-a-like feature this month showcases looks of Stella McCartney, and I really like this dress with an illusion neckline and tulip skirt:

Why does every pattern magazine feel the need to do safari features? WHY? I thought Manequim were immune!! At least this trench dress was a highlight, if not terribly inventive (I think Burda have done about 6 versions of trench dresses in the past few years that I can recall)

Next, we have a feature showing two different women wearing the same garment, and I really like the pleated raglan sleeves on this otherwise quite boxy linen shift dress.

YES YES YES! This is the perfect silk blouse pattern for the gorgeous print charmeuse I bought in Paris! This pattern requires exactly the amount of silk I have, too – 1m long by 1.5m wide! YES!

And finally, here are two pages of shopping mix-n-match which show off some of my favourites better (especially the cowl jumpsuit, which I’ve lightened here). The garments with stars are the ones which have patterns in the magazine.

So overall, I feel like these issues are improving as we edge towards the Brazilian Autumn and Winter styles, which have always been my favourites no matter what hemisphere. And we’ve got their Oscar red carpet special in April to look forward to, too!

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