KnipMode March 2011

I actually received this March issue of KnipMode over a week ago, but I wasn’t as excited about this one as I was the new MyImage magazine or the patterns I traced from Susannah’s stash, so it got waylaid a bit. But there’s still some good stuff in here, so it’s worth taking a look inside…

This is KnipMode’s Spring Trends issue, and so here is their take on the “military” trend. I like the green jacket and the trousers are quite nice, too, but apart from the colour, I don’t think either are particularly military-influenced!

I know Knip have had pleated sleeves before, but I think these work particularly well with the crisp, white shirting on this blouse.

Usually when a pattern has big, illustrated instructions, they’re shown at the end of the general instruction section and are just in black and white. But these placket instructions (for a dress I wasn’t that into) are in the glossy part of the magazine and shown with photos instead of drawings.

I really like the central, pleated detail on this blouse and I love that this skirt has leather welt pockets – I must remember this so I can use up more of my leather scraps!

I think my favourite of this issue is this surplice, banded dress which they’ve styled here to look like separates. It was made up in denim earlier in this issue and I didn’t look twice, but I really like it with this white and camel colour scheme (another one of their “Spring trends”).


Lucky us, we get an extra supplement magazine (plus some weird cardboard project folder, too?)!

I like the design of this sleeveless summer dress, even if it’s about 6 months too early for me to be sewing or wearing it.

The gathering on this sweet little blouse is lovely (and now that you know how to sew a placket front, it should be a doddle…)

Now this dress is by far the most inventive of the entire magazine. It’s got wide, waterfall sides which can either be worn down and drapey, or tied around to the centre back!


Sigrid alerted me to some very important corrections which were posted on KnipMode’s site. So if you’ve got this issue, you should make the following changes in your copy:

  • #2 Tunic pattern can be found in Section D, Red lines on the pattern sheets
  • #6 Jumpsuit pattern can be found in Section C, Black lines on the pattern sheets
  • #7 Tunic pattern can be found in Section F, Black lines on the pattern sheets
  • #12 Jacket pattern can be found in Section H, Black lines on the pattern sheets
  • The drawing on the “At a glance” page for #13 shirt shows a jacket (which will apparently be in April’s issue), but the correct tech drawing is listed alongside its instructions.

I’ve never seen a list of corrections quite this long before for any pattern magazine! I wonder if someone had a bad day? Good on Knip for owning up and posting this, though.

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