Elena Couture – 01-2011

This magazine (and its aliases) is by no means new to me, but this is the first time I’ve actually bought it so I thought some of you might enjoy a glimpse inside. Elena Couture is published three times a year – this is the first of the three 2011 issues, rather than being a January edition as you might expect from the numbering!

This magazines goes under a few different names, which you can see printed on the pattern sheets since they all use the same ones.

  • Sabrina Woman (German)
  • Fashion Trends (Dutch)
  • Elena Couture (French)
  • Modellina (Italian)
  • Tendencias de Moda (Spanish)

I’m not sure why they chose different titles for different territories, as it seems Burda have the better idea in keeping the magazine title the same no matter what the language. That way, readers get a more coherent feel for the brand, and it certainly makes reviews, eBay searches, and subscriptions easier! As it is, Americans can subscribe to the Italian version through GLP for $30, just fyi.

This batwing knit top is pretty basic, but I like the cool hem-band gathers on this skirt. Just different enough to intrigue me…

This is my favourite design in this issue – a knit dress with shoulder yokes and a nice cowl neck! Shame it’s in black and therefore impossible to discern details from the photo…

Really? A twist top? I mean, I loved it when Burda first made them back in 2005, but six years later? Get with the times! (On a more positive note, I quite like the sweatskirt it’s paired with!)

Here’s a look at the pattern sheet, showing all the different names and translations it’s published under! The lines don’t seem as sparse as Patrones or Knip, but they’re certainly less busy than Manequim or even the new-style Burda sheets.

So what’s my verdict? I’ve seen other versions of this magazine before but never bought one. The paper is super flimsy and cheap, which makes it feel like some seedy tabloid, and the designs are never terribly inspiring or well styled. But for me, the super lazy, scribbled tech drawings are the worst offence, as I can’t even make out what the pattern is supposed to do half the time, and then I have to refer to the layout diagrams and interpret the pattern piece shapes!

I don’t know that this issue has particularly convinced me to buy it again, but I did think the cowl dress was worth further investigation.

Coming up: The last French pattern magazine (with a competition!), the latest editions of KnipMode and Manequim, and (brace yourselves) three(!!) new Brazilian pattern magazines brought back from friends on holiday! Oh, and a little photoshoot for my lace Burda dress…

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