Fait Main Grandes Tailles (Plus sizes) magazine – giveaway!

The final magazine I bought on our French road trip is the plus-sized special edition of Fait Main magazine (remember I showed you a standard-size Fait Main magazine last week?). Like the regular Fait Main, this magazine is published in French. I’ve since learned that Fait Main is a translation of the Danish Sy magazine (thanks, Rose!), but I can’t seem to find any mention of this plus-sized edition on the Danish site to determine how frequently it’s published.

I wouldn’t normally buy a plus-sized magazine since I’m usually just one or two sizes too small for them, but the designs in this edition were just too good to leave lonely on the tabac shelf! As it turns out, I would be able to make a few of the designs in here, but it’d be greedy to keep it all to myself…

I really like this knit day dress, probably because it reminds me so much of my favourite frankenpattern dress I made so much two summers ago!

I love the rock and roll styling here – leather leggings, a loose tunic/dress, and a sequinned waistcoat/vest!

You know my weakness for cowls and draped collars, right? Then it should be no surprise that I really dig this casual, knit dress!

It feels like ages since I saw a hoodie pattern that excites me, but I really like this short sleeved one.

I love this rain cape! And of course, it doesn’t have to be in waterproof fabrics – it’d be an equally great pattern in wool coating.

This issue seems to span all seasons, so in addition to the cape, we also get a summery cropped jacket and sundress.

Overall, I actually liked the designs in this magazine better than those in the regular-sized issue I bought!


It’s unfair to keep such great plus-sized patterns to myself when so many pattern companies continue to churn out ugly and unflattering Plus-sized designs, so I’m going to give away my copy of this magazine to one lucky reader!

Here’s the at-a-glance page showing all the included designs and sizes:

And here’s their size chart so you can see if these will fit you:

To enter to win, please leave a comment below describing your favourite pattern in this issue. If you are on your country’s bone marrow donor database, please say so in your comment and you’ll be entered twice! I will send this magazine anywhere in the world, but I do ask that you are Plus-sized or frequently sew for someone who is, and that you try your best to use this magazine if you win. There’s no point giving it away if it’s just going to sit unloved on someone else’s shelf! The lucky winner will be notified by email after the competition closes on 31 May.

The competition is now closed. Congratulations to Vineta, winner of the random number draw!

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