Moda Moldes magazine – April 2011

I only recently discovered that there are more Brazilian pattern magazines than just Manequim, and so when I learned a good friend was going to Brazil on holiday over Easter, I sent her on a mission to find as many as she could to bring back to me.

Not only did she find two Manequims for herself (she’s one of my beginning sewers so I told her I’d write up instructions for her for whichever of the patterns she wanted to make), but she brought me back three other magazines, too.

The first I have to show you is Moda Moldes magazine (which roughly translates as “Fashion Patterns”).

This magazine has a lot of celebrity-influenced fashion like Manequim, and I really liked the tech drawing for this draped, jersey maxidress, though I’d definitely shorten it to suit my tastes.

There’s clearly a limited pool of Brazilian celebrity outfits to choose from, because MM have chosen the same white dress that was also featured in the May 2011 Manequim (though in this case, I like Manequim’s pattern (on the right) better!).

I’m not that excited by yet another wrap dress pattern, but the same celebrity outfit on the right was also featured in this month’s Molde & Cia magazine (coming up soon). But frankly, I think this bodysuit would make a pretty great swimsuit pattern instead!

I love this pieced cocktail dress! Check out those curved pieces! This was my friend’s favourite design out of all the magazines, and I can see why!

Despite my love of the above-the-knee-hem, this is one instance where I think a maxi dress shouldn’t be shortened – you really need the full, long skirt here to balance out the ruffled shoulders.

This plus-sized knit dress really reminds me of a similar one that was in the Winter 2010 MyImage magazine (on the right below)… They’ve both got a similar shape and those cool button tabs on the collar.

Ooh, a parade of dresses! Well, and a blouse and wrap jacket, too.

I really liked the bodice of this before I realised it was a jumpsuit (ewww). But then I figured that I could just as easily have this bodice on its own as a top, or whack a skirt on it for a dress instead!

The sizing and pattern sheets are very similar to Manequim (I’m a 44 in all the Brazilian magazines, actually). Here’s the Moda Moldes pattern sheet, which looks the same as Manequim to my eyes:

Overall, I really like a lot of the designs in this magazine, and I feel like they’re equally as edgy and current as Manequim, but I’m just not seeing as many patterns in my size here (44) as I do in Manequim… Perhaps this would be a better choice if you’re a few sizes smaller than me?

You may also be interested to read Sew on Trend’s review of the May 2011 issue to get a broader idea of what’s included outside this issue.

And I’m happy to announce that the winner of the Fait Main Grandes Tailles giveaway… Vineta!

Check out the timestamp – yes, I did this over breakfast!

I’ve emailed her to get her address, but thank you to all who entered especially to the bone marrow donors amongst you!

Late breaking news – UK readers, I’m in this week’s issue of That’s Life magazine, page 35. Yes, I’m thrilled to be sharing the same issue as “Docs turned my boob into a cheesburger” and “I’m buying a baby on benefits”, but my article is really lovely if you get a chance at the newsagents!

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