KnipMode September 2011

The latest issue of KnipMode arrived last week, and included inside was a letter to the subscribers from the new editor. I could really only make out something about Marion magazine from my (admitted) inability to read Dutch, so I actually transcribed the whole letter through Google Translate to find out not much of anything beyond that she loved sewing from an early age, trained at fashion school, worked at Marion, and is excited to be joining the great team at KnipMode. Yawn. So no real news there at all…

I’m kinda nervous that she may try to make big changes and ruin a good thing, because 2010 was an awesome year for Knip, and these last two issues under her control have been largely mediocre.

But let’s take a look at my own favourites this month anyway…

The first pattern to greet me is for some great trousers with kneepad detail- hey! wait a minute – didn’t we just have these in the last issue??? I’ve put August’s on the right here for comparison:

This jacket with its cute peplum ruffles might be my favourite in this issue, but I don’t really wear blazer-type jackets all that often so I’m not terribly likely to make this if I’m being honest.

The Take 5 (no, not 4 anymore!) pattern this month is a knit dress, but this is just so similar to one I made last winter that it feels like cheating…

Ooh! I just love sewing with leather, and we’ve got patterns for a leather skirt, jacket, and dress. In this feature they showed the same three garments styled differently on readers of three different ages, but I liked this lady best.

And speaking of readers, can you believe this woman isn’t a model?? Honestly, I think she’s one of the most naturally beautiful women I’ve ever seen. And the jumper isn’t bad, either (though I’d raise that V neck so I could wear it on its own).

Here’s that woman again, paired with a Plus-sized reader wearing an unfortunate leather-trimmed bathrobe (ouch).

Happily, KnipMode have started posting the full “At a glance” tech drawing sheet on their web site, so, like Reading Rainbow, you don’t have to take my word for it! You can see the full set of September’s tech drawings here.

It’s a far cry from Burda’s full tease showing the complete magazine photos and tech drawings, or La Mia Boutique’s scan of the entire magazine (including instructions and pattern layouts!), but at least it’s better than >Patrones’s “four tiny photos” approach… Don’t they understand we’ll buy more when we know what’s inside??

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