Manequim October 2011

I was SO surprised when this issue turned up last week! This is the first time I’ve had a copy of Manequim in my hands before the month printed on the cover! Usually I receive it in the first week of the month, then Burda and Knip arrive somewhere around the middle of the month (though KnipMode publishes a month ahead of the others).

I’ve seen lots of variations on this horizontal-seamed shirtdress out and about in London! Just the other day I saw a lady wearing one with a navy and white stripe on the bottom and solid turquoise across the shoulders… It looked so good I made a mental note! Or I can see this as a great way to wear that difficult burnt orange colour that’s so popular right now – put it on the bottom half so a different colour is next to your face.

I’m not fond of the jacket on the right (way too much like a fussy Chanel jacket!), but I really like the vest on the left with the lace trim. It’s also a multi-sized pattern, which is useful.

For the last two issues, Manequim have been overloading me with totally amazing silk blouse patterns. I’m relieved to say this is the only one in this issue, but the tucks and twists here are so unique! I also really like skirt pattern and the colours they’ve chosen here – perfect for a Southern hemisphere Spring.

I wasn’t excited by the 3(!!) jumpsuits in this issue, nor the Paul Smith fashions, so the next three patterns are from the feature which takes one pattern and shows it on three different ladies, styled three different ways.

The first one takes a jacket with rounded lapels and pairs it with a maxiskirt (ugh!!), and my favourite, a lovely faux-wrap cowl dress!

The next pairs bermuda shorts (ugh) with a wrap blouse and a quite cool silk hoodie.

And the last pairs a dotty blouse with a pencil skirt with some cool seaming.

The last feature in this issue is for babies and toddlers. I was quite impressed with these jeans for a one year old! Manequim don’t usually have patterns for children (or men, for that matter), so it was interesting to see a few in this issue.

Also, a few people were asking about how to subscribe to Manequim magazine. I usually answer commenters via email, but for anyone else, I talked about my experiences in subscribing at the end of this post. I’m also happy to report that the price went down slightly when I went to renew a few weeks ago!

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