Before New Year's…

… I want to make:

  • Clover jeans – I love the fit of my Clover trousers so much, but I don’t like the pockets or side opening. I’m altering the pattern to be more like jeans! (oh yeah – I did fix the zipper in the end…)
  • Ruby Slip – The pattern is printed and taped, but not yet traced. I have the perfect silk in my stash, and I bought some to-die-for wide lace at MacCulloch & Wallis on Friday
  • Paco’s Drape Collar Tunic – This is already traced and I’ve got the perfect purple sweater knit hanging around from last winter. This should be a quickie on the overlocker
  • Holly’s maternity maxi-dress, Burda 08/2008 #125 – The bodice is traced, I’ve done a first muslin, and the fabric is ready to go. Her birthday’s on Boxing Day, so I’m aiming early!

I’ve got to go into work on the 27th-29th, but I’ve still got a lot of days off to hole up in my sewing cave. Most years I end up making a coat over the Christmas break, but I don’t really have much need this year so I thought I’d focus my attentions elsewhere instead.

I haven’t included my vintage midi skirt here because it’s 95% done already (just the hem to go!), and a Christmas present for my nephew I whipped up yesterday (just the buttons to sew on yet), because these are already done in my mind, even if I haven’t documented them here yet!

And no, I haven’t forgotten the few bits left on my Fall Sewing Plans – the sleeveless are deferred til warmer weather, and some of the others I plan to make in the new year. I really want to focus on using up my stash before moving into my new sewing room once it’s built.

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