Sewing Christmas Gifts

I know this is sure to shock you (ha!), but I received a fair few sewing-related Christmas gifts this year…

The Colette Sewing Handbook – I’ve only cracked the surface of the content here, but I love it already. It’s so comprehensive and ends up being greats for beginners as well as old hats like me. And how chuffed was I to see in the Recommended Reading List??

I received a slew of novels and cookbooks from my WishList, amoungst those were the sewing-related novels Pleating for Mercy and The Seamstress of Hollywood Boulevard. I’m just hoping they’re better written than Laura’s Handmade Life, which I struggled to even finish earlier this year and is now on the charity shop pile (god knows why it has so many 5 star reviews on Amazon – it was so bad it was almost insulting)…

I also received a really cute ModCloth spool headphone keeper – it’s made of silicone to look like an oversized thread spool, but to keep your headphones tidy (my earbuds are tucked inside).

And I got a tiny travel speaker to use in my sewing room – like the one Karen was going on about, only mine’s green!

But that wasn’t enough – then I went and bought a present for myself! I’m enrolled in Morley College’s weekend course on the Pattern Magic 2 book in February! Tracy attended the first class and I was so jealous that I just had to sign up for the second. And at less than £50 for the whole weekend course, it’s much more reasonably priced that other courses out there (which tend to be around the £300 mark).

As far as sewn gifts, you’ve already seen Rory’s waistcoat, but other than that, the only other sewn gift was another pair of PJs for James, this time in the striped jersey I bought at Saeed’s in Walthamstow. I won’t put him through a photoshoot, so you’ll just have to believe me when I say I aligned all the stripes nicely.

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