KnipMode February 2012

The February issue arrived a week or so ago, and thankfully it’s a lot better than January’s lackluster offering!

The first feature in the magazine teams blue with a bunch of other colours. I especially liked this blue & orange combination since orange is just SO hot right now. I quite like a lot of these separates but I love the seamed jeans!

Ooh, four basic trousers – I really like the first three (the last, not so much)…

This little cropped jersey cardi reminds me SO MUCH of one that was published in the Jan 2010 (#11) issue that I actually traced off at the time but then didn’t have enough fabric to make….

Here’s another shot of those trousers I like so much, plus a jacket which uses a border print really well. KnipMode may have stopped using the reader-models, but I’m glad they’ve continued using a mixtures of races and ages – I think this older lady is just stunningly beautiful and poised (it doesn’t hurt that she’s using an old PowerBook, either!)

Another of their “best basics” selection – four black jackets. I only liked these two, and especially the idea of making a blazer in leather…

On the Plus side of things, this parka pattern looks totally RTW and the jeans with the front leg seaming are just excellent! These are the sort of patterns I never seem to see in Burda’s Plus sized offerings…

And finally, since it’s Carnival time, there were a bunch of costumes for children and parents, but the difference here is that they’re all pattern-free – you get diagrams and measurements of rectangles and you can draft the designs based on this. Most of them are quite simplistic but I was impressed this kimono and cheongsan were only made of rectangles!

Coming up – my Burda February dress! The first version, anyway!

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