Manequim February 2012

Brazil (and the rest of the Southern hemisphere) are starting to move into Fall fashions now, which is perfect for those of us thinking of Spring! Transitional clothing is so much more flexible for London’s climate than either heaviest winter or barest summer fashions, that’s for sure!

I’m certainly liking this issue a lot more than the most recent summery issues…

In the atelier section, this month there’s a pattern for a dress made entirely from silk scarves! Love that drapey peplum…

It was inevitable with the sheer quantity of jumpsuit patterns Manequim produce that I was eventually going to like one of them… Halter-neck AND cowl? Yes! I’m even willing to succumb to ridiculous bra solutions in order to wear something as chic as this.

How awesome is this Plus-sized sheath dress? There isn’t much more in the way of Plus patterns in this issue, but I think this dress is a knockout.

The “inspired by a designer” feature this week is on Nina Ricci, and I really like this lace dress (which is happily multi-sized!), and also the silk blouse with its open, flutter sleeves that are integrated into the back piece.

I don’t normally go for maxi dresses, but I really like this stunning maxi with a halterneck and deep cowl, and dramatic back, too:

I’ve seen a lot of patterns for similar pleated tulip skirts, but this one is offered in my size so I automatically like it more than most, ha!

My favourite in this issue is this pleated, sleeveless dress, which is coincidentally in my size, too!

It’s not often that I see a garment with a totally new feature, but I can safely say I’ve never seen a shirt with double sleeves quite like this before! As with a lot of new things, I’m not quite sure if I like the look or not, so I’ll give it time to grow on me…

And finally, in a feature showcasing fashion for each decade of your life, the pattern that grabbed me most was this butterfly-print dress for the 50 year olds. I’m not normally a print person, but I’m really digging those butterflies – they look quite abstract on first glance, which I really like.

All in all, a fantastic issue! Considering that last February’s issue contained my well-loved asymmetric blouse pattern, it’s safe to say that I’ll be looking forward to future February issues as much as the Oscar fashion issues!

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