Vintage fair finds

(Yes, I have resisted the urge to use another Fehr/fair pun in the title. I hope you appreciate my restraint!)

On Sunday I dragged my boyfriend out of the house at a very early hour in order to get to Anita’s Vintage Fashion Fair before all the good stuff was gone. There were loads of vintage dresses ranging in price from £10-60, mountains of antique jewellery that refused to fit on my very unladylike fingers, and likewise, a beautiful bunch of classic hats that were far too small for my head.

But I’m not one to be disappointed easily, and I was thrilled to see so much vintage haberdashery on show, and at very good prices. I picked up a gorgeous Art Deco style (“style”, because I have no idea when it was actually made) belt buckle for £2, a card of five very mod-looking buttons for £3, and from the only stall selling any dress patterns, a late 50s Butterick dress pattern, 9734, for £4.

I love the neckline on this pattern – it looks as though the lady has just casually wrapped a scarf around her neck and tucked it in the front to keep from blowing away. If I make this (which would require a bit of sizing up), I’d make the collar piece from a vintage silk scarf, just to emphasize this dress’s best feature!

Oh, and if you’re near London, do watch out for the Vintage Fair’s next movement – they’ll be back at the Battersea Arts Centre on 22 October and 3 December. Bring cash – and a boyfriend to carry your purchases!

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