Seam allowance guide winners

First of all, WOW, I seriously am floored by the amount of entries to last week’s giveaway! That’s far and away the most popular competition I’ve ever done so thank you all so much for your interest!

But alas, there could be only three winners, so I pulled out the very reliable to select them (my usual way of simplifying this is to just do a straight draw against the comment numbers, and if the number turns up of someone’s who’s commented to say they’re not entering, then I just draw again. But that doesn’t happen very often!).

So congratulations to Ann, Margaret, and Cris! It just goes to show how impartial I am that the last winner is actually my sister-in-law’s mother, but she won the random draw fair and square, honest. So congratulations, ladies, and your guides will be sent out from Australia very shortly.

Thanks again to everyone who entered! I’ve got some photos of my grey Flip Turned shirt later this week, but work is very, very busy right now (yes, I do have a full-time day job that’s got nothing to do with sewing!) and I’m out of the country for most of next week, too. So bear with me if there’s radio silence!

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