Bosco 2007-2012

This wasn’t how I’d planned this week’s posts – I made a top and trousers over the weekend, plus I had some fabrics to show off from last week’s work trip to Montreal…

But yesterday afternoon, our little Bosco died in his sleep. It was totally without warning, and our best guess is that his heart condition finally caught up with him. I’d been home with a fever all day, and he’d been curled up with me earlier, making sure I felt better for him being there. I even tweeted a photo. It’s the last we ever took of him:

Before Bosco, I didn’t even like cats. I’m a dog person by nature, but he changed all that. He had boundless personality, holding frequent conversations with us, always wanting to play, and just loving the simple joys in life, like a good belly rub and a bask in the sunny garden. Every day when I’d come home from work, he’d rush to the door to greet me, then run off to show me how good he’d been all day. He’d curl up and sleep with us at night, and he was the first thing we’d see in the morning. There wasn’t a single day in five years where he didn’t make us laugh.

We couldn’t have loved him more, or given him a better life. Whatever love we gave him came back on us tenfold. He squeezed 15 years of living into the 5 he had. James and I are besides ourselves with grief, and we miss him terribly already.

Goodbye Bosco, our puppycat, kittenpuss, K Paws, tiny panther, Bonk, Bear.

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