Burda magazine October 2012

The last two issues of Burda have been so spectacular that it was always going to be a hard act for poor October to follow, and it’s gotten a bit of a kicking online for so many lazy, square, and shapeless designs. Indeed, I couldn’t find anything to like in two entire features (the Pastels one and the Hippie-Outdoorsy Crappe one), but there was enough in the “New Sophistication” feature alone (photographed with the dressmakers dummies, see below) to justify this issue’s existence to me!

So let’s skip right to the afore-mentioned “New Sophistication” feature, shall we?

I’m not entirely sure why, as it’s wholly impractical, but I really like this long, wool waistcoat (which reminds me of the Sept 2010 jacket that was way too big and boxy). There’s another version in this magazine that’s longer and has integrated long, ponte knit sleeves, too. I know my arms get chilly before the rest of me, so a body warmer really isn’t very practical for me, but the addition of sleeves, well, that changes everything!

This surplice top is nice but nothing new (I’ve seen this design at least 3-4 times in Burdas over the years), and I even quite like the quirky “hip wrap”, which is somewhere between a kimono-belt and a waist pack. It’s definitely a good use for those odd-sized scraps of coatings and leather I’ve got lying around!

I like this cowl top but I hate how Burda flattens these to one side though, ugh! let the cowl free! These high-waisted, slim legged trousers would also be a great wardrobe staple.

I think this dress with its cowl neck and side gathers could be very elegant, but not in a crisp fabric like in the shirt version of this, which just looks like a wrinkled mess! Take this as your cue to make it up in something less prone to wrinkling, like the tweed in the dress version here.

I totally love this reprinted vintage 1952 pattern for a full swing coat! It really reminds me both of the coat Bel wore in the country house episode of The Hour last year, and also of the vintage Vogue pattern that I attempted to buy in an OOP sale recently but then turned out to be out of stock after I’d thought I’d bought it. So ha! I’ve won anyway! Though I think I’ll be adding some closures, as my walking commute is way too windy, especially for something this voluminous! (Also, this pattern is up for download purchase already!)

I’m not familiar with the designer, but this coat has really lovely proportions!

In the Plus section, I really like the simplicity of this boxy, long sleeved teeshirt and slim pencil skirt. Very easy to wear!

Oh! And what did I find on advertised on the back cover? A brand-new special series of Burda magazines, available soon!!

“New classics”! I wonder if they’ll be new patterns or reprints? It’s hard to tell from the photos… With a street date of 28 September, I guess we haven’t got long to wait…

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