Burda magazine November 2012

I don’t think this is the best issue of Burda we’ve seen in a while (remember how amazing August and September were??), but there are still a few patterns worth mentioning, and even a few worth buying!

I really like these slim trousers omg but they look identical to the ones in the January 2012 issue that I made! Seriously, I inspected the tech drawing and pieces and it really does look like this is an exact reprint from January! To be honest, I like my grey trousers so much I was thinking about making them again, but now I might make this pair instead purely so I can compare the two.

Here are those slim trousers again plus a top with a boxpleated peplum. I really like this peplum top, but I think the one I made two months ago is probably enough for me for a while!

This long trenchcoat is rather nice, though it has an asymmetric back vent flap that just looks wrong (but is easy enough to change).

Here’s a cute (and easy!) pullover, either with ribbed cuffs as seen here, or without (as seen elsewhere in the magazine). I don’t normally go for the high-low hemlines, but it’s done subtly here.

There’s been some speculation (and catty remarks) online that this vintage 1950s wiggle dress makes the modern model look pregnant. Personally, I’m of the mind that it’s either the way she’s standing, or she really is in the early stages of pregnancy, and it’s nothing to do with the dress. It also helps that I really like this design and have some green ponte jersey in my stash already, so it’s fairly likely this will be my make for this issue.

And finally, some loungewear in the form of sweatpants (trekkie bottoms) and a wrap top. Note that these are clothes you really could lounge around in, unlike the suede and mohair numbers in this same feature which Burda bizarrely think are for slobbing around home. Why yes, I always wear dry-clean only clothing for the cat and tv…

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