Patrones 320

Yay! The in-laws were holidaying in Spain recently and were kind enough to pick up two issues of Patrones for me! I was planning on showing you both at the same time (the other is a reprints issue, No.22), but in my limited evenings this week, I’ve been using my available time prepping fabric and tracing out patterns to sew over my Christmas break, and scanning isn’t nearly as much fun in comparison.

In the meantime, here’s the first issue, full of new winter patterns!

Patrones 320

Here are the patterns shown on the cover – a nice button-down shirt with pintucks, an amaaaaazing biker jacket, and some nice slim trousers/jeans. I really like the deep green velvet they used here, too.

Another slim trousers + shirt + jacket combo, this time in a more equestrian style. I’m not keen on the massive bow on the top, but I really like the jodhpur detail on the trousers.

This “double vest” is such a simple idea, but I really like the different armscye shapes they used here to let peeks of the under fabric be seen. Very easy to sew, too (especially if you don’t choose sequinned fabric)!

There’s a feature entirely comprised of jackets, which aren’t normally my thing, but I really like the tech drawing for this peplum jacket. I really don’t like the light grey accents and stitching here – I think it’d be much classier in one shade of grey, but that’s why we sew, right??

The Plus fashions didn’t excite me at all, but there are some really good patterns for older boys in this issue – especially this hoodie and these trousers! You could make either from a bunch of different fabrics and slightly alter the seaming to get a multitude of different looks.

I’m sorry you’ll need to wait a bit to see the other Patrones issue, but I’ve also received the December Manequim, plus the January Burda, and I’m planning on working on the two patterns I just traced off over my Christmas break – the Burda December cover dress (I’ll need to muslin it first to test my de-Tall-ing skills!), and the new Papercut patterns Peter & the Wolf trousers. Plus the usual end of year roundup, and a special rundown of my “Year of Burda”. So it’s a good thing I’ve got lots of days off work then!

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