Happy 2013!

As is traditional, I like to take the first of a new year to take the opportunity to look back on what I’ve sewn in the previous year. So without further ado, here’s a visual reminder of 2012!

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By a mere glance at the collage, it looks like I’ve sewn less this year than in past years, but really I just became more efficient with my photoshoots and so most of the photos contain more than one garment! That, and there were a few that weren’t properly documented, oops.

The Year in Stats

In terms of pattern companies used this year, I made: 11 Burda magazine (more on that in January as I finish up my Year of Burda), 6 Papercut Patterns, 5 Jalie, 4 Pattern Magic, around 4 self-drafted, 2 Manequim magazine, 2 Young Image/My Image magazine, 2 Pattern ~ Scissors ~ Cloth, and one each from: Lekala, Simplicity, Vogue, So… Zoe, Christine Jonson, Wiksten, and KnipMode (oh how the once-mighty have fallen!).

By my count, I made: 19 Tops, 15 pairs of Trousers, 4 Dresses, 4 Skirts, 3 Coats/Jackets, plus two slips and a handful of pairs of panties, an iPad cover, some running armbands, and a boat skylight cover!

But the biggest number of them all – 21 of the above were for running! omg.

So it should come as no surprise to you that 2012, I dub thee Year of the lycra!. Not only was this the year not only did I sew my first running gear, but the gear where I truly became comfortable in sewing my own (and in fact, I prefer my own to RTW!). Not only did my sewing running gear advance greatly, but my running did, too. It may come as a shock to some of you, but before 2012, I had only ever run 10k races, and only once a year at that. 2012 saw my first ever half-marathon race AND my first full marathon! In total, I raced two half marathons, a full marathon, four 10ks, and a very muddy cross country 6k! Not only that, but I finally, finally beat my 10k PB (personal best) time that I set in 2008 before I was ill, which was a massive milestone for me and my recovery.


Pattern of the Year is, without a doubt, Papercut’s “Ooh La Leggings”, which I sewed six times this year. This is a new all-time record for Most Used Pattern Ever, as I very rarely even make a good pattern twice, let alone six times!

There were a few duds this year (most of which I’ll cover in the Burda roundup), but I think that’s more because I forced myself to sew outside my comfort zone more often than I would normally. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t! It’s too difficult to choose one favourite garment of the year, so instead I’ll pick a few…

My purple running leggings – these were my first Ooh La Leggings, and my first use of Suziplex, and both were love at first sew! I loved these so much I ran Amsterdam marathon in them, and without a single bit of chafing (from them, anyway)

MyImage purple coat – it’s got an in-your-face collar, but I’ve worn this for many, many months of the year, thanks to its warm flannel underlining, and nice pockets to jam hands into. And the collar means I never need a scarf!

Grey Pattern Magic “Flip turned” top – after taking the Morley College Pattern Magic Course in February, I suddenly understood the book’s instructions and made a few at home! This version in particular I’ve worn continuously since it was made (only taking a break in summer to wear the short-sleeved orange version instead!).

Chic Turquoise sweatshirt – the photos weren’t my best, but this has been such a useful top to just throw on, with jeans, to work, out for drinks, to thrown on when I’m cold, everything. And it looks nicer than the average hoodie, but is just as comfortable. I’m already planning more.

And finally, James’s reversible disco jacket – It may have taken the better part of a year, but it’s exactly to his specifications, and to a ridiculously high standard of quality for something others might dismiss as “novelty” – wool corduroy, bound buttonholes, etc! James has worn this so much, and relishes in flipping it inside out for everyone we meet.

Other highlights of 2012 include: Meeting Helene and Tracy on the Pattern Magic Course, finally meeting Lauriana in Amsterdam and Kim Hood in London, and combining my running and sewing worlds with a Leap Day 5k with Karen! I also managed to visit two fabric shops which changed my world this year – Suzi Spandex in Montreal, and Kantje Boord in Amsterdam!

On a sad note, 2012 was also the year that our beautiful Bosco was taken away from us, but a few months later, Nishi entered our lives (and my sewing room!).

So what could 2013 hold? Well, I’m taking another Morley College course on the third Pattern Magic book in June, I’ve got a bunch more races planned (including Copenhagen full marathon in May), plus (fingers crossed) a completed bedroom and permanent sewing room on the boat before the year is out. I’m not much one for resolutions, so I’ll just say that I hope to continue sewing what I love, when I want, and as my whim takes me.

If you’re curious to see how 2012 stacked up to previous years, you can have a look at previous roundups here: 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007.

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