Free Lacey Thong Panty pattern!

I’m very excited to announce a special week here on FehrTrade – for the benefit of those of you reading this from RSS subscriptions and can’t see the site header…

It's Lingerie Week on FehrTrade

Yes, an entire week devoted to sewing lingerie, and we’re going to start the week off with something very special indeed – a free downloadable sewing pattern for a pair of thong-style panties, with lace over the hips and a special diamond-inset at the front and back.

The pattern is for sizes S-XL with seam allowances included, and for those of you who hate downloadable patterns – there’s only 4 pages of pattern to print, and only one join to tape together! I’ve written out step-by-step directions with a few diagrams, but there will also be some construction photos later this week to help out those of you who prefer them.

(If you’d like to spread the word about this pattern, please link to this post and not directly to the pdf file! thanks!)

I’ve designed this pattern to be beginner-friendly, so if you’ve never sewn lingerie or underwear before, don’t be scared – it’s tons of fun! You only need your sewing machine, too, and you’ll get to use up loads of little scraps you’ve got lying around, or if you’re lucky, you might win my giveaway later in the week for a Lacey Thong kit!

If you celebrate Valentine’s Day, this might be the perfect occasion to make yourself something special – there’s just something about pretty lingerie that makes you feel good all day, even if no one else sees it!

I’ll also share photos of some lingerie sets I’ve made while I’ve been ill to inspire you, but by way of a teaser, here are two pairs of Lacey Thongs I’ve made myself, front and back:

It’s always reassuring to see photos of garments made with a pattern rather than just drawings, right? But don’t take my word for it – I’d love to see your panties, too (I can only imagine the spam comments I’m opening myself up for now!!). So if you’ve made this pattern, please email me with photos (or link me somewhere I can download them) and I’ll do a roundup post in a bit.

This is the first pattern I’ve created which involves different sizes, which means pattern grading (gasp!), so it’s taken a fair bit of dedication with rulers and also Illustrator! I’ve tried to make everything as clear as possible, but I’m not only human, but a human with no formal pattern drafting experience, so if you’ve got any questions or feedback, please, please let me know! Thank you very much for my pattern testers for helping me sanity check this, too!

Also, I know a few people have access to large-format printers, and prefer their patterns formatted for these – if you’d like the “Print at Copy Shop” version of the pattern, just leave a comment and I’m happy to send it to you.

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      Hi Jennifer. Have you looked at the pattern? The pieces are really small – it only uses four sheets of regular printer paper with only one join. Taking it to a copy shop would waste a lot of paper!

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