Check out your Lacey Thongs!

Wow, the response to my free Lacey Thong pattern I released last month has been immense! Since the beginning of February, it’s been downloaded a staggering 1400 times! That’s a LOT of potential underwear, my friends!

You all have been sewing like gangbusters, too, so I thought it was time to share all the gorgeous versions you all have made – it’s only fair since I showed you mine!

So in no particular order, let’s have a fumble through your underwear drawers…

Kathhhhhy’s liked the pattern so much she finished off her first pair with a pretty bow in the back, and then went and made a second pair to match her lacey bra!

Lauriana’s pale green/blue pair kickstarted a month-long lingerie sewing binge, with more panties, and bras galore!

Frances Hall sent me photos of her gorgeous red & white pair:

Deborah Foyle sent in snaps of her purple & blue pair, too:

Kris hasn’t revealed any photos of her pair, but very helpfully noted in the comments that she found the XL great for Burda size 50, though a little snug when using non-stretch front & back pieces.

And speaking of sizing, thank you to everyone who sent me comments about how they found the fit – some thought the crotch was too long, others found the sides too wide, and others found the sides too small. To be honest, there wasn’t any strong consensus from the group so I’ll just take that to mean there’s lots of variations between bodies and stretch laces!

Anyway, back to the pretties – Katelyn Allers sent in her lovely burgandy and grey pair:

And Sanne’s gorgeous pink and purple pair is making me want to buy even more stretch lace online now (be strong, Melissa)!

Jodie Kachkar loved her pair so much she made a matching camisole and she’s going to use the pattern to teach her students how to make their own!!

Art Attack reviewed her pink pair on Pattern Review here (and that gorgeous pink bra to match):

And finally, Cidell’s made a veritable herd of Lacey Thongs, assembly line-style!

Did I miss anyone? If you’ve got yours up online anywhere, please leave a comment so I can add to the list, I just love seeing all the beautiful colours and variations in lace and trim! I especially love that so many of you used these to start experimenting with sewing other lingerie, too, like matching bras or camisoles, or even other styles of underwear!

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