Patrones 324 & 26

I haven’t bought Patrones magazine in a while because I’ve been busy sewing other things, but the lovely Tg33 picked these two up when she was visiting Spain recently and sent them to me as gifts! How nice is that!?

So I can show you my picks from both, while I’m currently away on business in (not so sunny) Miami. Let’s feel the hot, summer, ocean vibes!

Patrones 324

How nice would that tiered top from the cover be really nice in a lightweight silk? Because the tiers all start at the shoulder (rather than being connected to a base at intervals), you could even use a semi-sheer fabric and get lessening coverage as you go down…

There’s an entire feature solely on jumpsuits and playsuits (how many does one girl need?!), and regular readers will know I’m not particular a fan, but I couldn’t help but love the seaming on this one!

This cowl-necked playsuit just looked really comfortable for a change!

I also really liked this roomy, cuff-sleeved blouse paired with the skinny capris. I think I’d personally wear it out rather than tucked in though.

Patrones 324

Remember that the Patrones issues with low numbers are all reprints from older magazines, hence the dated, 90s look to some of the models…

In the “Most fabulous dresses” feature, I utterly love this dress with its sweetheart neckline and revealed lace underskirt. Just lovely!

At first I really liked the idea of this tank, that there’s a seam introduced from the sides and gathering on the top portion to create the bust room. But then when I looked at the pattern pieces in the layout, it looks like it’s just an odd row of gathered stitches there, which would create a bit of, err, excess space below your bust, too. I think I’ll prefer to keep my mental picture and do a little sheath pattern that way instead!

The top is pretty basic, but there’s something about the skirt that strikes me as very elegant, and yet somewhat flamenco-inspired at the same time. I love the swooping seam lines and that bottom portion that adds the flare.

And finally, a combo that could bridge the divide between pyjamas, yoga wear, and (in the right fabric) evening wear!

I’m not usually able to wear many of the Spanish summer styles but I’m getting super inspired even just being by the beach for a few hours! So much neon! You can go out with a jacket “just in case”. omg.

(Thank you all so much for your marathon well wishes – it went great on Sunday! More on that later, or you can read my race report now if you’re impatient!)

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