Melissa's World Tour Week

So, I’ve uhh, been a little busy the past week. I know a lot of people say they’re busy, but I’ve seriously been busy. Wanna see exactly how much?

Let’s start at the beginning of last weekend, 17 May, when I flew from London to Copenhagen, so that I could run my second marathon on Sunday morning (19 May). This was months in the making, and something I’d been building up to for a long time. I’ve posted my full race report here if you want to see all the details, but the short version was that it was cold & wet (yay!), friendly (double yay!), but I didn’t get the time I was after (boo!), but I did learn a lot and I’m reasonably happy with my finish of 3:52!

I also ran the race in leggings I sewed myself, from my own leggings draft and two colours of Suziplex. Like in Amsterdam, they were 100% comfortable, stayed in place, and no chafing. They did soak up a fair bit of rain, but then so did the rest of me.

(This is the Before photo!)

After a whole lot of food, an ice bath, a hot shower, and a fine cup of tea, I rushed back to the airport that night to fly back to London (Flight Number Two, if you’re keeping track).

The next morning (20 May), I flew out to Mimi for a short-notice work trip (that’s Flight Number Three). I got 45 glorious minutes of beach time on Tuesday (which I sorely needed, body and soul!), and the meeting went well.

Then it was another flight to Panama Tuesday night (21 May, Flight Number Four), which got diverted to Cartagena, Colombia after Panama airport closed due to thunderstorms. Meaning I’ve technically been to South America now, though I didn’t get to actually set foot there. Boo. We then eventually flew up to Panama later that night (Flight Number Five). Up again early the next morning for another meeting, and we were back at the airport that afternoon (22 May), to fly back to Miami (Flight Number Six) with enough time to catch our connecting flight back to London (Flight Number Seven).

(Sorry, no photos of Panama as I was there for less than 8 hours and it was so muggy my camera lens kept fogging up!)

So, to wrap up last week:

  • 7 flights
  • 6 airports
  • 5 countries
  • 2 meetings
  • 1 marathon
  • 45 minutes on the beach

To which I then said that I’m taking two days off (the day I landed plus one in lieu of a holiday day I’d booked on Monday to spend in Copenhagen), plus it was a Bank Holiday here in the UK, so I got a five day weekend.

You’d be forgiven for expecting me to not do much*, but I actually got a fair amount of sewing done (more on that this week), and I had a 10k race planned for yesterday (bank holiday Monday), too. It’s my favourite race so I always sign up a full year in advance, hence why I had a marathon and it on two consecutive weekends, which I wouldn’t normally do. It’d be dangerous to push myself so soon after the marathon, so I decided to Pace it, not Race it, and ran it with a friend, helping her to finish in under her target of 55 min.

So to add to my totals, in 8 days, I ran 52.2 km in two countries!

Oh! And I nearly forgot – I wore my wildest running leggings yet to run the Bupa 10k race in, and afterwards I got TWO separate ladies asking-nay, demanding to know where I bought such supafly tights from! Made my day…

* If you actually think I’m capable for sitting still and not doing anything, then you don’t know me very well, however…

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