Manequim April 2013 (Oscar dress pattern party!)

I’ve been subscribed to Manequim (direct with their publishers) for going on three years now, and I’ve only had 3 issues go missing in that time, which isn’t too shabby considering the distance. But I’ve never opened up my envelope before to find, uhh, some other random Brazilian magazine!

As it turns out, loads of other people also got the same “Mundo Estranho” (“Strange World”) magazine instead of Manequim, and the publisher said ours would be sent out, but then May arrived with no hint of April. So I have to thank Isidore for alerting me to this review on a Brazilian site showing that April’s issue was not only the annual Oscar special (which I must own!) but it also contained a ton of fantastic blouses! So I grudgingly went and bought it on eBay just so I wouldn’t miss it (that “luma1985” eBay seller was fantastic, btw, and I’d definitely recommend her if you want any one-off issues)!

And you know what? I’m totally glad I did, because IMHO it’s one of the best issues for ages, which you can tell just by the number of scans I took from it here!

Nevermind the photos are of a Kardashian – the top and the curved yoke skirt here are fabulous and Plus-sized!

I really like the idea of using a necklace as an integral part of this top design. It’s a backless bodysuit (therefore, not for everyone!) but I really like the ingenuity and glamour of it here.

The embroidery around the neckline of this sheath dress is just stunning! It’s almost like a motif, but the pattern has you do the design yourself from some chiffon yardage. It’d be a lot of work, but in my experience, things like this are great for long car journeys!

The “patterns in the style of a famous designer” feature this month is none other than Karl Lagerfeld, so the designs are entirely monochrome with a love of leather accents… swoon! My favourite of the patterns is this leather, zippered sheath dress, which is quite the statement dress!

The next feature focused on what tops to wear with various styles of jeans! It seemed a bit odd to me that they didn’t actually provide jeans patterns, but a million lovely tops is good enough for me! For example, look at this one with the delicate neck cut-outs.

With skinny jeans we get two awesome tops – a raglan chiffon top and a blousy, banded silk top (and a long waistcoat I’m just going to ignore).

To wear with straight jeans we get… another two freaking amazing little tops! Seriously, Manequim, stop it here, you’re killing me!

With boyfriend jeans? You guessed it! This time it’s a very familiar-looking collared cowl top (I think I’ve seen this pattern before…).

And now, drumroll please, for the annual Manequim Oscar dresses special!

This year’s collection contains knockoff patterns for the designer Oscar dresses worn by Naomi Watts, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Queen Latifah, Charlize Theron, and Amanda Seyfried.

My favourite is definitely the top half of Naomi Watt’s dress! I’d love to turn that into a shorter cocktail dress, but the internal support needed just blows my mind!

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