Postbags of Fun

I’ve been ill the past few days with some crappy bug that’s going around, and it appears that the postman has either a) been following me on Twitter and reading all my “bluergh I feel awful” tweets, or b) canoed alongside the boat and has been peeping in our windows watching me. I know I’d definitely prefer a).

But in any case, he definitely knew I needed cheering up, because look what arrived within the span of two days!

That’s right, the June Manequim magazine, the July Burda, and a bunch of StyleArc patterns I ordered a few weeks ago (they’re getting SO much faster at turning these around!!)

You’ll see my reviews of Manequim (awesome!) and Burda (pants!) next week, but the new additions to my growing Style Arc hoard are:

  • Audrey jacket, which just looks perfect for Fall to me
  • Pamela dress, which would be really great for taking on our big Mexico trip later this year
  • Emma dress, which is just way Too Me to pass up!
  • and the Freebie for June, Dee Knit Top, which is really cleverly, yet simply drafted

Last week, I also received a rush order from Stone Fabrics, which I placed because I’m pattern-testing for a new indie company, and I didn’t really have anything suitable already in my stash. It’s a perfect workwear pattern, so with my recent travels in mind, I chose all high-quality polyesters so I can unroll the garment from a suitcase without having to worry about wrinkles!

In case you’re wondering, the dandelion head fabric is here, and it is indeed semi-sheer so you’ll want to line or underline it (like I am with the beige crepe on the left). And I’ll show you the finished dress and pattern when I’m allowed to talk about it, I promise!

I’m happy to report that I’m starting to feel better today, which is none too soon, because Saturday sees me back at Morley College to tackle this bad-boy!

I know Tracy and Kim are going (how fun will it be to have The Material Girl and the Material Lady in the same room?!) – anyone else?? (Helene?)

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