Burda magazine October 2013

Burda’s had a bit of an ugly and disappointing streak for the past few issues, but this one is a definite improvement, with only a few Total Uglies, and quite a few Ooh That’s Nices!

I love the wide neckline on this top – I think it’s a really flattering shape, and it’s a bonus that it’s designed for knits. The pleated waistline gives nice shaping at the waist, too, without being overly peplum-y.

Usually when a pattern is shown in two different styles, it’s easy for me to choose one of them over the other to scan and highlight, but with this dress I love the pastel version and the military version equally! This dress is totally on my To Sew list for Fall & Winter – I love wearing long sleeved knit dresses, and the neckline, raglan shoulders, and waist pleats are just fantastic!

This duffle coat really reminds me of the turquoise one I made a few years ago and literally wore to death! It’s such a wonderful casual style, and the contrast panels really offer a good opportunity for playing with texture or colour, too.

This is the dress version of the pale pink top above, and I think the lengthened version is just as nice as the top! Shame we can’t really see many details here in the small photos and busy print fabric…

I’m always on the lookout for more slim trouser patterns since I wear them so frequently, and these look rather nice. The boxy top is a Tall pattern, and didn’t appeal to me at all in the stiff, shiny fabrics earlier in the magazine, but I totally see its appeal made up in a boucle or sweatshirting here.

And finally, the “Burda WTF” award for this issue goes to this tissue paper dinosaur. Because, seriously, what the hell is St Martin’s Procession and why would this be the highlight of it?? Again, Burda totally fail to understand their global audience…

(I thought maybe it was a Catholic thing but no, James hadn’t heard of it either!)

I’m currently away in Mexico – this post was written and scheduled before I left. Please leave comments – I’ll read them as I have internet but will probably not be able to reply!

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