Burda magazine November 2013

Woo! I knew if I waded through enough mediocre issues we’d get to a good one again! This November issue is the Fall fashion spectacular I’ve been waiting for, and it’s so good I’m even lusting over half the Plus pattern…

First to catch my eye was these foldover trousers, sized for Tall ladies. They really remind me of my KnipMode foldover trousers, which I still wear every winter and still get compliments on!

I love this biker jacket with its off-centre zipper and dramatic collar! It simultaneously reminds me of both my purple MyImage coat and that designer Manequim leather jacket (which I still want to make!), though this is designed for ponte knits in the body, and stretch leather in the sleeves. On closer inspection of the instructions, I noticed it’s unlined (apart from the sleeves) so that big collar is only just one layer of jersey. Also, I think the collar looks way more wearable in the catwalk comparison photo than on the model!

Here’s an example where it pays to really have line drawings and photos of a pattern – I initially loved the tech drawing, but when I saw it on a live model, I realised those pleats right over the hips would probably not be the most flattering…

From the Little Black Dress feature, I really like this sheath dress for stretch wovens – the slim, zippered sleeves are a particularly nice detail, and a great way to show off some short, posh zippers (hello Riri!). The vertical skirt seams might be a touch overkill though, but they don’t appear to be for shaping anyway so could be eliminated I imagine.

Tall ladies are in luck, because they also get this lovely shirt dress, with a centre front placket and double darts. The sleeves are another real designer-a-like feature, with the dropped shoulder seam, inset corner, and subtle shaping. It’s almost enough to make me want to de-Tall-ify it!

The designer pattern this month is from Jo No Fui, and surprisingly, I’m really into the blouse in particular, even though it’s not my usual style. I think the sleeves are dramatic without being overly “poet” (that extra tuck does wonders for keeping it modern) and I think it looks spectacular paired with a slim skirt like they’ve shown here. I was hoping those hip seams on the skirt would imply an interesting back, but alas, the back view is pretty standard. I’ve noticed this outfit is from her current PreFall13-14 collection, too!

This pattern shares the same bodice as the black sheath dress above (and so also has the slim, zippered sleeves), but this instead uses a rectangular, dirndl skirt and calls for lightweight, non-stretch wovens. This in particular would be great for layering over merino tights and a jacket or cardigan on top for winter, I think!

Burda have been providing a good number of slim trouser options recently, but this one stands out as it’s for non-stretch wovens!

I love this pencil skirt, and that it’s cut on the bias, with the side seams pushed to the back, and with that gorgeous little kick at the back just makes it all the better. I even have the perfect flannel in my stash for this, so this is really looking like the Most Likely To Be Sewn from this issue! This is a good issue for bias in general, because the wrap jacket on the left here (and its longer-length sister pattern) are also cut on the bias!

On to the Plus patterns, and I swear this is the best Plus collection for ages! I often hear complaints that Burda’s Plus offerings are too often shapeless, unfashionable sacks, but this egg coat silhouette is so fashionable right now, and the sleeve gusset, seaming, and pockets on this are so nicely designed, too.

I totally agree with Burda’s description that this teeshirt needs to fit snugly at the sleeves and hips to really work – part of the reason I think the dress version of this is the only failure of this collection because it’s just too big all over. Here, however, I can totally see this along the same lines as my Drape Drape mustard tee, which I wear all the time. Also, you may have overlooked it, but the trouser pattern here is for ponte knits. Ponte knits!! In other words, the most comfortable and flattering trousers ever!!

There’s a nice jersey wrap dress in this Plus collection, too, but I saw this knit sheath dress and I didn’t have eyes for anything else! I totally love the X darts at the center, and I’d totally make this if it was offered in the regular size range! (Maybe Burda will pull an inverse of recent reprints and this will appear for regular sizes in an upcoming issue?)

And finally, your “Burda WTF” moment for this issue comes courtesy of the crafts section. I know the crafts are terrible and usually not even worth mocking, but this has got to be the most remedial craft yet (yes, even moreso than hanging a twig from your ceiling!). This craft is a bow. Yes, just a bow. The instructions give you a length of ribbon, and then just say to tie a bow and place it on a tree. Because we needed instructions for that…

What did you think of this issue, dear readers? Anyone start any of these patterns yet? December’s issue looks like it might be promising, judging from the previews in the English & German versions I have…

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