Manequim magazine November 2013

I really should complain about my magazines not arriving more often – right after I mentioned that it hadn’t arrived yet, the (first) November Manequim turned up in my postbox! Let’s see if the second November issues makes its way to me soon… (Yes, Manequim has two issues in November. No, I don’t know why that is.)

In any case, it must be hoiday party season, because there’s a SEQUIN JUMPSUIT on the cover! Hooray everyone, let’s all dance in sequin jumpsuits!! (or, you know, chase after a toddler or do the laundry or sit in a cubicle…)

You wouldn’t know it unless you flipped to the back to check out the line drawing, but omg this jacket has incredible seam lines! I also love that it’s got the tuxedo-style notches, but no collar so therefore no roll to worry about either. Even the back looks amazing, with the extra seams around the sides. I reckon I could fit into a size 42 now….

On the very next page they’ve got another pattern with great seaming details – this time a corselette! Something like this would probably require a lot of muslins to get it fitting precisely to your own curves, but the payoff would be worth it.

The Plus size offerings this month all fit on one page, and are similarly party-themed – a lace surplice dress, sleeveless jumpsuit (I don’t know many Plus-sized ladies who’d be into this, let’s be fair!), and the best of the bunch – a nice blouse with piping on the raglan seams and keyhole feature in back.

Here’s another one that you’d be likely to skip past if you didn’t refer to the tech drawing – but look how unique the front seaming is – those shoulder cuffs integrate into the bust seaming, and there’s a modesty panel built in to that low cut neckline. Though in the photographed version, it’s more of an “immodesty panel” since it’s made in sheer fabric!

The designer inspiration this month comes from Bottega Veneta, and, while nothing earth-shattering, I liked this pleated surplice shell. It’d be a really nice separate to wear with jeans, but one that could work equally well under a suit jacket. I even like the bright yellow!

This is a really simple, dolman sleeved blouse with the addition of a bow, but one that I think you could make a real staple in fancy silks, especially since it’s offered in several sizes.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that I might be excited about these sporty shorts (nah – the split seam ones from a few months ago are better!), but really it’s the jacket I’m into here! Yet again in this issue, you’d not know it without looking at the tech drawing, but the seaming is fantastic! The slim lapels are a nice touch, but they totally missed the opportunity to colourblock those sleeves and the side panel!

Which are your favourites from this issue? Have you seen anything here you’d be keen to sew up?

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