Burda magazine January 2014

I’m quite behind on my magazine posts – I’ve received this Burda and two Manequims while I was deep in the frenzy of launching my sewing patterns, so they got pushed to one side with all the activity. But for those of who who decide whether to buy the issues based on my reviews, here are my picks from the last Burda of (now last) year!

The most noticeable garment here is a truly horrible one-sleeved caftan dress, but hark! Is that a men’s tuxedo jacket I spy?!

Here the ladies get patterns for a bustier and an interesting draped skirt. Nothing groundbreaking, a definitely more of Burda’s “young fashion” when paired together, but definitely wearable and fitting with the New Year’s Eve party theme. But what do the blokes get? Yet another button-down shirt, identical to the ten others Burda have published in the last few years! It’s so lazy of them to just reprint the exact same shirt over and over… No wonder more men don’t sew.

Here we get a better look at the fantastic cover teeshirt/tunic with gathered side seams, paired with a great pair of narrow-legged leather trousers. The cover shirt also has the colour, illustrated instructions for this issue, too. This is definitely my Most Likely To Make for this issue, and the few versions that have popped up on the sewing internet already have looked great.

Two issues in a row now we’ve had fantastic leather jacket patterns! This one was also shown in organza elsewhere in the issue, too, showing that it doesn’t necessarily need to be in leather. (I seriously hate her makeup here though!!)

This designer pattern is a bit too “Italian bling style” for me, but it’s an interesting design that isn’t a big sack, so it’s got that going for it at least…

And now we come to Burda’s crazy costume section – a great source of hilarity every January! We start off with a pretty good and useable Wild West ensemble costume actually! Well done, Burda! (I’m going to overlook the “baby in a sack” costume on the facing page though)

And now we come to the copyright-defying portion – yes, it’s costumes for, err, “your friendly neighborhood spider”, and “Fearless Bat”!

I saw this mermaid costume and thought to myself “well, Trena’s costume for next year’s Mermaid Parade just got 100% easier!”.

Onto the Plus section now, where there were quite a few nice office-suitable patterns, including this interesting dolman-sleeved zippered jacket.

This gathered, jersey dress is really lovely winter casualwear, and it’d be easy enough to even out the hem if you’d prefer, too.

Here’s that jacket again, but look at the fantastic trousers they’ve paired with it! Look ma, no side seams!

And finally, I had to ask a Real Life German, but apparently pigs really are a New Year’s thing there. Especially marzipan ones. I’ve learned something new…

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