FehrTrade patterns – now in size XXS!

Apparently all I need to do to spur myself into a frenzy of activity is set a reasonable goal like I did yesterday when I stated the updated patterns would be ready “later this week”, because I buckled down and finished them that very day!

I’ve graded down to a size XXS using the same size grades as before, which puts this new size’s measurements at Bust 84cm (33in), Waist 63cm (24.5in), Hips 90cm (35.5in). And remember, both my patterns are drafted to be 90% of body measurements, so if you’re an inch or two smaller than this, the finished garment should still be snug against the body.

If you’ve already purchased one or both of my patterns, you should be able to log into Etsy and download the updated file from Your Account > Purchases (if someone could confirm this for me, that’d be great!).

UPDATE: Esty Support have gotten back to me to say that, even though I deleted the old file and uploaded the new one, previous purchasers will still only be able to access the old file, which is frankly, crap! So, if you’d like the updated file, either email me or leave a comment with your Transaction ID so I can email it to you. And please then drop a line to Esty Contact Us and tell them how much you think this policy stinks!!

I’ve only done some minor cleaning up on the other sizes, though, so if you don’t need the XXS then it’s probably not worth re-printing, re-trimming, and re-taping (although I timed myself yesterday and the XYT pattern took me less than 15min!). Oh, and I fixed a minor numbering issue on the XYT Workout Top pattern which meant there was no Piece No.5. Oops!

If you held off on buying the patterns because they weren’t available in your size, please leave a comment as I’d like to get in touch with you to say thanks. 😉

I’m thinking about writing up a post detailing my process of developing and launching my first patterns, but I’m not sure if everyone’s already sick to death of hearing about them or not – is this something that you’d like to hear about, or should I just move on to the next set of patterns already?! Comments below, please!



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