Winnie's Junglicious X-back Workout Top

I’ve got a bit of a backlogue of fabulous pattern makes to show you, but I had to drop everything to purr over Winnie’s workout top! She’s managed to combine both Jungle January and the X-back version of my XYT Workout Top pattern in a single, glorious, specimen of exercisability.

But lo! the jungle print and secret crazy bra lining weren’t enough, because Winnie also finished the edges with FOE (fold over elastic) for yet even more colour! Pow! Take that, grey, drizzly January!

I’m even more proud of how awesome Winnie’s top turned out because she had difficulties in sewing the pattern early on in the testing process before I had the illustrated instructions, so for her to be able to come back to the finished version and sew this one up lickity-split makes me really pleased! Usually when I have problems with a pattern I get frustrated and want to dump it, but not Winnie!

Read more about her versions over on her site, Scruffy Badger Time

I can also reveal that we’ll be teaming up in almost exactly one month’s time (eep!) to run the Bath Half Marathon, which we’ll be running in our own, home sewn gear! I’ve started on a rainbow pair of PB Jams for myself already…

Like hers? You can make your own with my pattern!


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